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Lalvin MCBB™

White Wine

Malolactic Culture Butter Bomb

Lalvin MCBB™ has been selected during a European CRAFT in Fair program on wine lactic acid bacteria diversity. Following an extensive screening, Lalvin MCBB™ was selected as a very efficient malolactic strain, for white wines, able to produce high concentrations of diacetyl (buttery notes) when inoculated at the end of alcoholic fermentation. Lalvin MCBB™, Malolactic Culture Butter Bomb, is a robust wine bacteria strain able to grow quickly and achieve reliable MLF under a broad range of winemaking conditions.

Alcohol Tolerance
15.5 %

pH Tolerance

SO₂ Total Tolerance
60 mg/L

Nutrient Demand

Min. Temperature Tolerance
14 °C

Sensory Impact
Enhance fruit aromas, Hight diacetyl in sequential inoculation, increase volume and softness

Diacetyl Production by Post AF Inoculation
Very high

Citric Acid Degradation
Early degradation during MLF

Biogenic Amines

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