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AcidopHil +™

White Wine

Rosé Wine

Oenococcus oeni and a specific activator. A solution to secure MLF under acidic conditions (pH>3.0)

AcidopHil+ is a new effective solution for acidic white and rosé wines. The bacteria was selected by Institut Francais de la Vigne (IFV) for its high tolerance to low pH wines. Further to this, the IFV also investigated the best protocol to undertake to ensure successful MLF in low pH conditions, the result of which is the use of the selected bacteria with a highly specialized activator. This protocol consists of a three step, three day protocol which allows for excellent implantation and speed of MLF under such limiting conditions. Highly recommended for troublesome low pH white or rosé wines.

Alcohol Tolerance
14 %

pH Tolerance
> 3.0

SO₂ Total Tolerance
< 45 mg/L

Nutrient Demand

Max. Temperature Tolerance
16 °C

Biogenic Amines


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