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Maximum aromatic potential in Chardonnay wines with the nutrient Stimula Chardonnay™

Stimula Chardonnay™ optimize the biosynthesis of aroma compounds and support the bioconversions of precursors to volatile esters until the end of fermentation in Chardonnay wines. Our knowledge of the yeast metabolism with our research partners,it was demonstrated that wine yeast switch from a primary growth metabolism to a secondary aromatic metabolism of ester biosynthesis at the end of the growth phase. With this knowledge, we have defined the optimal moment to add Stimula Chardonnay™, which is at 1/3 through the alcoholic fermentation.

Stimula Chardonnay™ is composed of 100% yeast autolysate products formulated to supply the optimal levels of amino acids, sterols, vitamins and minerals known to optimize the aromatic yeast metabolism. It is also particularly rich in biotin, B6 vitamins, and in magnesium and zinc which augment the volatile ester biosynthesis by the yeast.


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