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LalVigne™ Aroma and LalVigne™ Mature: Ecocert and NOP certifications successfully renewed

We are pleased to announce that LalVigne™ Aroma and LalVigne™ Mature have renewed their Ecocert and NOP certifications and that organic vine-growers in Europe and North America can continue to use our products in their vineyards.

All vine-growers indeed face the challenge of achieving phenolic and enological maturity at the same time and with climate change, the balance is even more difficult to attain. To apply LalVigne® foliar sprays has proved to result in a greater concentration of aroma precursors, improved mouthfeel and more mature phenolic characters in the grapes and resulting wines.

LalVigne™ is a non-GMO natural inactive yeast derivative foliar spray applied at veraison. The source Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts used in its production were selected from the Lallemand yeast collection. A single vineyard treatment with a LalVigne™ spray consists of two applications. The first is done at 5% veraison and the second 10–12 days later.

LalVigne™ Mature is a tool to help vine-growers advance and improve phenolic maturity in grapes.

LalVigne™ Aroma is a tool to help vine-growers increase and advance aromatic maturity in grapes.


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