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Information related to COVID-19

Lallemand is considered an essential industry, supplying yeasts and bacteria for many foods, beverages, health and agricultural applications. The renewed interest in baking has made bakers yeasts a rare staple in the grocery stores and the production plants have been working safely and with heightened hygienic measures to make sure that consumers and bakeries are supplied.

Yeasts also can produce alcohol during fermentation. This alcohol produced can be used in the production of disinfectants used for sanitary purposes. The Lallemand Biofuel and Distilling group has been busy making sure theirs clients are well supplied and with an extra attention to those who are switching their spirit production to alcohol as a disinfectant.

Our Lallemand Oenology group is also busy making sure the southern hemisphere harvests which are almost finished are well supplied and we continue to give support to winemakers who require our support using online communication tools. We are also preparing the upcoming harvest making sure our warehouses are ready to ship our goods to our partners and the information on our products is up to date.

Very importantly, all Lallemand teams, wherever they are, help their communities through this difficult time. The teams are involved with many actions of solidarities, whether it is through donations of medical equipment (protective masks) in many countries or through lending our scientific equipment (like our PCR) to testing agencies needing extra material for the detection of COVID-19 in people, or through producing in one of our plants, free hydro-alcoholic solutions for hospitals.

These are just a few examples of engagements from our teams, who want to participate, individually and collectively, in the well-being of their community.

We hope that you and your families are safe.