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Come and explore the new Lallemand Wine App and the new Lallemand Oenology web site

The new Lallemand Oenology web site is now official launched, along with the new Lallemand Wine App – two essentials tools for winemakers to find out more about our products and information related to those products.

The new web site is easy to navigate and will help web users to find information and documentation on our wine yeast and bacteria, specialty inactivated yeasts, nutrients and protectors, as well as enzymes. The Lallemand web site also offers an abundance of technical articles and letters, booklets, winemaking guides that will satisfy winemakers and microbiologists alike. You can consult the new web site at the same address

We are also pleased to update our Lallemand Wine APP to include all winemaking countries. You will find information at your fingertips on our products on your smart phone, easy-to-use, loaded with information on the best products to use for your wines. As with the web site, you will also be able to download articles such as the Oenomag, the Wine Experts, Vinification Guides and so on. Go and visit the Apple’s App Store and look for the free Lallemand Wine APP.