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Lalvin ICV SunRose™ wine yeast to enhance freshness and red fruit character in your rosé wines

Lalvin ICV SunRose™ is a selected wine yeast isolated from nature and specifically recommended for rosé wines that are red fruit focused. Lalvin ICV SunRose™ produces elegant and complex wines with a balanced, round mouthfeel while preserving freshness.

Selected in collaboration with the Institut Coopératif du Vin (ICV) Lalvin ICV SunRose™ is especially suitable for Mediterranean grape varieties. Lalvin ICV SunRose™ favours the development of fresh, fruity aromas and it is suitable for different processes such as skin contact or saignée, while retaining the freshness that rosé lovers are looking for.  It develops volume and roundness on the palate thus offering highly sought-after balance that is valued in modern rosés.

With excellent implantation rates, low volatile acidity production even in grapes with high initial sugar content grapes and robust character, Lalvin ICV SunRose™ is perfectly suitable for the fermentation of ripe grapes.

Published Jun 14, 2021

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