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A biological alternative to chemical acidification in wine with Laktia™

Laktia™ a pure culture of Lachancea thermotolerans is a natural alternative for acidification.

This selected natural wine yeast is our new addition to the non-Saccharomyces portfolio and was selected for its unique properties to produce high level of lactic acid during fermentation. Used in sequential inoculation with most selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast for white and red winemaking, Laktia™ is a natural alternative to manage the acidity of red wine  by producing significant level of lactic acid. Brining more than freshness and acidity, Laktia™ brings aromatic complexity to red wines.

Whether it is used as a blending component and/or to re-equilibrate red wines from hot climate, it will fit well into the different natural solutions the winemaker can used during the upcoming harvest