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Booster blanc™

Developed in collaboration with Institut Coopératif du Vin

During fermentation

What For
Mouthfeel & aromatic protection


White Wine

Rosé Wine

Best suited for warm – hot climate white wines For mouthfeel and aroma protection,added during fermentation

Booster Blanc® is made from an inactivated oenological yeast strain that was isolated and selected by the ICV. Booster Blanc® is produced with an inactivation process exclusive to Lallemand that makes the soluble fractions of the yeast cell walls rapidly available in the must. • When added at the beginning of fermentation, Booster Blanc® boosts mid-palate intensity and protection of fresh fruit aromas of whites and rosé wines. • For high-end white or rosé wines from ripe grapes, Booster Blanc® contributes in the development of intense and balanced aromas mid-palate. Notable improvements in structure can be experienced in wines fermented with particular yeast strains. This phenomenon is currently under investigation by Lallemand. Two yeast strains that meet this are ICV D47 and ICV D21. • Provides more mouthfeel, increases complexity and improves balance by limiting dryness and alcohol perception in high maturity fruit.

20-40 g/hL

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