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Lallemand Global Technical Wine Conference – New Zealand

Microbiological strategies to optimize New Zealand wine regionality and personality

Date: 9 May 2018
Venue: Marlborough Convention Centre, Blenheim, New Zealand

Cost: $25 NZD
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About the conference
New Zealand wines are establishing themselves as unique and well-recognized all over the world by wine drinkers. What more can be undertaken to continue and extend this success story? The   XXVIII Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand will focus on the iconic varietals Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir and we will hear from international commentators and researchers on the key factors to consider, including the role of microorganisms in shaping sub regional diversity, as well as insights into product perceptions and consumer preferences.

  • Introduction by Sam Harrop, MW New Zealand
  • Aroma profiling of Sauvignon blanc: A grape to wine analysis

Melane A.Vivier, Professor Institute for Wine Biotechnology, Stellenbosch, South Africa

  • Custom nutrition for specific Sauvignon blanc wine yeast

Anne Ortiz-Julien, Research Director Wine Yeast and Nutrition, Lallemand France

  • Introduction on a study done on consumer preference of difference style of New Zealand

  Sauvignon blanc

Dirceu Vianna Junior, MW United Kingdom

  • Shaping Sauvignon blanc from a vineyard site selection and winemaking perspective

Heather Stewart, Winemaker, St.Clair Winery, New Zealand

  • UK Consumer preference of different styles of New Zealand Sauvignon blanc compared

   to journalists and wine buyers preference

Sarah Benson, MW Student, Wine Buyer, Co-op Wine team, United Kingdom

  • New Zealand Pinot Noir on the global stage: styles, challenges and opportunities

Dr Jamie Goode, Author, Wine writer, Journalist, United Kingdom

  • A unique specific autolysate to help Pinot Noir’s color and texture management

Nathalie Sieczkowski, Research Director Specific Inactivated Yeast, Lallemand France

  • Co-inoculation strategies in Pinot Noir

Dr Sibylle Krieger, Research Director Wine Bacteria, Lallemand Germany

Dr Eveline Bartowsky, Applied Microbiologist, Lallemand Australia


Join us for this insightful and industry leading conference.


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