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LalVigne Mature helping you in the vineyard

Lalvigne™ Mature is a tool to help vine-growers advance and improve phenolic maturity in grapes.

Lalvigne™ MATURE: New, innovative tool for viticulturists and winemakers

What is it?

Lalvigne™ Mature is a yeast derivative product that is applied in the vineyard as a foliar spray at veraison. The yeasts used in its production were sourced from the Lallemand wine yeast collection. A single vineyard treatment with a Lalvigne™ spray consists of two applications. The first is done at 5% veraison, and the second 10 to 12 days later.

Lalvigne™ is easily suspended in water and applied using a spray rig or hand sprayer.

Why use it?

Application of Lalvigne™ Mature increases berry skin thickness of the grapes and has a noted impact on the timing of phenolic maturity.

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Published Oct 4, 2020

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