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Getting the most of your Cabernet varieties with a specific wine yeast nutrient STIMULA CABERNET™

The Stimula™ range is expanding with Stimula Cabernet™, a custom made nutrient that will optimize the aromatic potential of Cabernet varieties.

Stimula Cabernet™ is particularly rich in different nitrogen sources (especially small peptides), vitamins (biotin) and minerals (Magnesium, Zinc). Transporters of small peptides (dipeptides and tripeptides) have been identified through our research and collaboration and in the presence of the proper oligo-elements, this peptide uptake results in increased yeast ester synthesis.

The addition of Stimula Cabernet™ at the end of the growth phase enhances yeast metabolism of aroma biosynthesis. This over-expression of the fruity aromatic potential also leads to a reduction in vegetal character. The well-balanced nutrition provided by Stimula Cabernet™ reduces yeast stress throughout the alcoholic fermentation (AF).

Published Oct 14, 2021 | Updated Apr 28, 2024

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