ML Prime™


Bio-control to preserve wine quality and reduce risk of VA

ML Prime™ is a new concept of freeze-dried starter culture with a powerful Lactobacillus plantarum with very high malolactic activity and no risk of volatile acidity (VA) production. It has been developed with a new production process that optimizes the active bacterial culture. Its high malolactic enzyme activity strongly shortens the lag phase and can quickly degrade malic acid content up to 3 g/L. It is able to achieve a very fast malolactic fermentation before the growth of indigenous bacteria, often responsible for the VA increase or other wine defects in high pH conditions. Used in co-inoculation, it is perfectly suited to conduct MLF in classical red winemaking process using short or medium macerations or thermovinification process on the liquid phase. It is the perfect tool for winemakers for red vinification with low natural acidity and pH ? 3.4.

15.5 %

pH Toleranz

Gesamt SO₂ Toleranz
50 mg/L

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Tolerierte Minimaltemperatur
20 °C

Tolerierte Maximaltemperatur
26 °C

Diacetylbildung bei Co-Inokulation
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Abbau von Zitronensäure
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Biogene Amine

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