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LALVIN ICV OKAY®Wins a 'Palmarès de l’Innovation' Citation Award from SITEVI 2013

The new wine yeast, Lalvin ICV OKAY®, received a Citation Award in the category of Innovation from SITEVI 2013.

Lalvin ICV OKAY ® is the result of a collaborative study between the scientific INSTITUT COOPERATIF DU VIN ICV Group, Lallemand, SupAgro and INRA Montpellier. The innovation is based on successive backcrosses between an excellent fermenting wine yeast and a yeast with very low production of sulfur compounds such as H2S. The resulting Lalvin ICV OKAY ® yeast combines reliable fermentation performance and very low production of SO2, H2S and acetaldehyde. Lalvin ICV OKAY ® is recommended for aromatic white and rosé wines, ensuring low levels of volatile acidity, promoting aromatic esters andbringing freshness and balance in the mouth.

SITEVI 2013 is an international exhibition for the Vine-Wine, Fruit-Vegetable and Olive producers.

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