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Complete Yeast Nutrition - State of the Art Booklet

The purpose of this booklet is to provide oenologists and winemakers with an outline of the current scientific understanding of yeast nutrition and protection for reliable alcoholic fermentation management. Download PDF

Yeast nutrition and protection for good alcoholic fermentation

Download PDF

Winemaking Update n°3 - 2010

Balanced Nutrition for Healthy Alcoholic Fermentation

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Timing the Inoculation with Malolactic Bacteria

Numerous parameters are involved in selecting bacteria for malolactic fermentation (MLF). Choosing the right moment for inoculating wine with selected bacteria is a factor in successful MLF. Choosing the right moment for lactic acid bacteria inoculation controls MLF according to the wine style desired, and lets you adapt to technical constraints.

To learn more about the timing of wine bacteria inoculation, as recommended by Lallemand, please consult the following link : Download PDF

Good Practices for Malolactic Bacteria

Proper rehydration and inoculation of lactic bacteria is a crucial step for their survival and malolactic activity.

To learn more about this topic and how to properly handle wine bacteria, as recommended by Lallemand, please consult the following link: Download PDF

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