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Aug 26, 2016

Tailor your wine style with MLB

The choice of wine bacteria to tailor wine styles is an important winemaking decision. 

First and foremost, they are essential for acidity and stability management of the wines, but also as an essential tool in SO2 reduction strategies.  Wine bacteria can reduce the acetaldehyde concentration during MLF.  This reduction is interesting because less SO2 needs to be added to the wine, as acetaldehyde is a major SO2 -binding compound.

Second, wine bacteria are essential to fine tune the sensory style of red wines through a varied metabolism dependent on which selected wine bacteria is used for the MLF through their esterase and glycosidase enzymes activities, as well as the citric acid metabolism.

Depending on the varietal going through MLF and the conditions (pH, alcohol level, SO2, etc), choosing the wine bacteria will help define all the potential of the grapes during the process. The sensory impact described below of our selected wine bacteria is expressed whatever the timing of inoculation  (co-inoculation or post alcoholic inoculation)

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