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Jan 19, 2017

Low SO2 in wine with the new QTL wine yeast

A collaborative study we have identified the molecular basis of SO₂ production in yeast in wine to reduce SO₂ production through the innovative QTL process.

The QTL process involves identifying genes for the desired trait (non-production of SO₂, acetaldehyde and H₂S) and naturally transferring it to another yeast chosen for its fermentation performance and other oenological qualities. Transferring the genes involved repeated crosses (backcrossing) between the low-SO₂ yeast and the target yeast.

This is a non-GMO technique that can occur naturally in yeast. With this method, we obtained a yeast that produces very low to no concentrations of SO₂, H₂S and acetaldehyde.

Several wine yeast are now available to winemakers for the upcoming vintage such as the Lalvin ICV Okay™, Lalvin Sensy™, Lalvin ICV Opale 2.0™, IOC Be Thiols™ and IOC Be Fruit™.


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Low SO2 in wine with the new QTL wine yeast