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More acidity, more balance with the new IONYS™ wine yeast

The new wine yeast IONYSis the first wine yeast that has been selected within the Saccharomyces cerevisiæ species for its capacity to significantly and naturally acidify must during fermentation and have a lower sugar to alcohol conversion ratio.  It is an ideal yeast for red wine and to tackle the problem of wines affected by global warming. IONYS HR  

2016 Proceedings of the Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand

The proceedings of the 2016 Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand are now available to download and consult. ESL 2016 Canada - ENG

Lallemand Malolactic Fermentation

Malolactic Fermentation – Importance of Wine Lactic Acid Bacteria in Winemaking Lallemand Malolactic Fermentation

The Use of Non-conventional Microorganisms in Winemaking

The proceedings from the XXIIIes Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand, Monestier, France - 'The use of Non-conventional Microorganisms in Winemaking' ELS 2012 -Monestiers -THE USE OF NON-CONVENTIONAL MICROORGANISMS IN WINEMAKING-Lee el Documento.

Wine Bacteria to control Volatile Phenols and Brettanomyces

This issue of Winemaking Update explores a natural way to control Brettanomyces yeast and the volatile phenols they produce. Lallemand Winemaking Update #19 2014 - Wine BActeria to control volatile phenols and Brettanomyces 1408
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