Expertise documents

ESL 2014 - Mendoza, Argentina - New outlook in viticulture and the impact on wine quality

To consult the ESL 2014 on viticulture Cahier ESL 2015 complet

ESL 2011 - Dubrovnik, Croatia - Red climate hot varietals and rosé fermentation

To consult the ESL 2011 on the sensory development of hot climate red varietals and rosé fermentation Cahier Dubrovnik 2011Complet spb

ESL 2009 - Geisenheim, Germany - Sensory development in cool climate varietals

To consult the ESL 2009 proceedings, on the impact of wine yeast and bacteria on cool climate varietals, CahierGeisenheim Lall  

2017 Proceedings of the Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand

The proceedings of the 2017 Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand are now available to download and consult. ESL 2017 - Cider - Estonia

Oenomag - Managing acidity and alcohol in wine and low SO2 producing yeasts.

Learn about a new, patented yeast selection technique, and the first wine yeast selected within the Saccharomyces cerevisiæ species for its natural ability to significantly acidify must during fermentation Oenomag ENG
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